Cabin Weekend

May 30, 2022 3 Comments

Cabin Weekend

A weekend at the cabin, I left late Wednesday afternoon from the shop.
Just me.
Tom had more Babylock tech training on Thursday plus he had a lot of things piling up at the farm that needed tending to, so I ventured off for a couple of days alone.  Suzie and her boys would be joining me on Friday night for the long weekend.
I planned to spend some time on some neglected book work from the shop plus I brought with me 2 times more sewing projects that I could even think about getting done even if I did not sleep.  You all know how that goes...
When I arrived what a treat it was to have the flowering crab tree in our yard at peak bloom, and the sweet smell of the apple blossoms was divine.  Usually I am either too early or too late to see this.

It is early morning as I am writing, it is so quiet except for the birds singing, so still, serene, slightly overcast with rain in the forecast.  The view out the front window changes with the seasons and I just love to sit and watch, we see lots of deer, wild turkeys, an occasional fox, rabbits, squirrels, and while I have not seen one, Suzie and the boy saw a bear on the ATV trail.  Great time for reflecting and counting ones blessings.

In the corner of the front room (right next to that front window I mentioned above is my sewing machine.  I have it in a cabinet but it is rarely put down inside and tucked away.

I had a fun time listening to the last 3 seasons of THIS IS US (still not quite finished) as i cut and stitched while I was alone.

I brought along 11 kits to make runners from Doug Leko's new book Tabletastic 3 and did get these finished..

...ummmm yes, I do see that I have one block flipped on the blue star runner, nothing like taking a photograph to bring out mistakes on quilts.  Oh, about the book, my goodness I did not think Doug could top the other 2 but he did, it is full of amazing projects.  Copies should be coming to the shop real soon so you can get yours.  Once I fix that mistake these are ready for the long arm.

There was a little fishing too, this is Suzie's youngest, Logan.

Suzie did some sewing too.  This kit is going to be great fun!

I worked on runner #5
One of the most fun things I did was sort through these:
This is Quilt Minnesota 2022, this shop hop begins in late July and goes for 3 weeks.  I will have to say that this is a stunning collection.  You can pre-order some but we have to keep it in the shop until the hop officially starts, but at least you will know you got what you wanted before those "favorite" pieces sell out.
It also has some lovely border prints and panels to go with.  Fun to dream of NEW projects for this years collection.
There was also some movie going in Siren less than 10 miles from us, population less than 1000 but it has a three screen theater  - Suzie and boys went to see Top Gun Maverick the weekends blockbuster. As for me, well, no one really wanted to see this except for me...
I loved it!  If you were a fan of the series this is a must see.  I will warn you however the movie is over 2 hours, but it certainly did not seem like it.  Oh I do hope there will be another.
Feeling especially blessed on this Memorial Day for all those that gave everything for our freedom.
Nothing but the songs of the birds, everyone else is still asleep.
Except me.

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May 30, 2022

Loved the downton abbey /new era. Could see it again on TV. Looks like ur having fun. Even sewing!

Marcia Nagel
Marcia Nagel

May 30, 2022

Thanks Sam – it is always fun to get away and sew!

Sam Morris
Sam Morris

May 30, 2022

Your extended weekend sounds heavenly. So glad you got to get away. The new projects are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

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