Proper preparation of your quilt top and quilt back are essential to a good result.  Long arm quilting eliminates the need to pin or baste your quilt top. There are a few preparation steps to insure your quilt turns out fabulous! 

  • For best results and to avoid additional charges, we ask that quilt tops are brought in clean, pressed, and free of noticeable lint and loose threads, both front and back.
  • Please do not pin or baste layers together.
  • The backing should measure at least eight  inches longer and eight  inches wider than your quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 60″ x 80″, the backing should measure at least 68″ x 88″.
  • Prewashing is not necessary, however, If you have pre-washed any of the fabrics in your quilt it is recommended that you pre-wash all of them, including your backing fabric. 
  • Press seams well. Be sure the top lies flat as possible. While our professionals will do their best ripples and excess fabric may not quilt  out completely flat.
  • Check your piecing for open seams as you work, making sure all seams are sewn closed.
  • The top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, beads, crystals, etc.
  • We do not quilt any tops that are made from recycled jeans.
  • Please purchase quilting quality fabrics for backing, we will not accept bed sheets, fleece or blankets for quilt backs.  We have a good selection of wide goods and other fabrics in the shop including some sale fabrics that you will find suitable to match your quilt top.  Backing fabrics will be 25% (regular price) off when you have us quilt your tops.
  • Clip all loose threads from the front, back, and edges of your quilt. This is especially important if you have a dark color thread behind a light colored fabric, as it may show through after being quilted.
  • If your quilt has a specific direction it should be loaded on to the machine, please be sure to tell us when dropping off your quilt.
  • If your quilt is directional please pin a paper to the top edge marked "TOP".

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