Bernina Sewing Mastery Kit

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    Includes everything you need for Bernina Sewing class: [6] 10” x10” pieces of heavy muslin or very firm fabric [2] 4”x6” pieces heavy muslin [1] 6”x6” piece of heavy muslin [2] 4”x6” cotton interlock [2] 4”x6” spandex [1] 6”x7” heavy flannel or wool-like fabric [1] 6”x6” heavy flanel or wool-like fabric [2] 12”x12” medium weight cotton ( high quality quilting cotton) [2] 10”x10” heavy weight cut away stabilizer [2] 3”x6” Ultra Clean and Tear Stabilizer [2] 12”x12” low loft cotton batting [2] 10”x10” heavy-weight tear away stabilizer [1] 6”x6” heavy-weight tear away stabilizer