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We cover everything from basic maintenance, to oiling, to dust and lint.  



At PNQS our full time factory-trained technicians have all the necessary tools to service and repair your sewing, embroidery, serger, or longarm machine efficiently and professionally.

Our team can take care of almost any type of sewing machine - from small mechanical sewing machines to extra-large, multi-needle embroidery machines and long arms, we’ve got you covered on your beloved BERNINAs.           

We strongly believe and invest in the continued education of our technicians. We frequently send them to training programs where they build up their certifications and knowledge. You can rest assured that your machine will be handled with the utmost care and caution while in our possession.

Whether your sewing machine needs a general tune-up or a full-scale repair, bring it in for reliable service. 

30 day warranty on machine services Not responsible for goods left over 30 days after completion of services, nor for loss by damage, fire, or theft.

Service turn around times vary greatly depending upon the number of machines to be serviced and depending on what kind of repairs are needed on the machine ahead of yours.  Since it is extremely difficult to guess how long repairs ahead of you are going to take, we do not set appointments for service.  We do our best to get machines turned within a 2 week time period, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control.  Please allow longer if we need to order parts or if the service needed on your machine is extensive. 

It is our goal to keep you happily sewing, so we do try our best to get you up and running as quickly as we can. In certain circumstances we will send a loaner machine home with you.

Every machine of every kind has a lifespan. 

BERNINA sewing machines have withstood the test of time, far outlasting most other appliances including ovens and stoves, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.  Even automobiles are considered antiques after 20 years!

With that in mind, as with anything mechanical, there comes a time when we must admit that it is time to put our beloved machines on a shelf and call them pretty antiques. BERNINAs have a 20 year limited parts warranty. 

Some of the first American machines are approaching twice this age (35-45 years old), many of the parts inside are becoming delicate and both companies are beginning to run out of certain spare parts.  It is possible that even during a routine service a part could accidently be broken without a replacement available.

Expedited service is available for an additional charge with an appointment.

If you have any questions about servicing your machine that are not answered here, please contact our technician by emailing


If you find that your machine isn't sewing quite right, here are a few things to check that could save you time and money.

Just remember TNT, or  Thread, Needle,  and  Tension.

Is the machine  thread ed correctly? Rethread it just to make sure with the presser foot in the up position (this releases the upper thread tension disks allowing the thread to pass between them). Are you using a good thread? It's not one of those spools that your grandmother gave you, is it? Thread gets brittle with age, and that could be the cause of a thread breakage problem, so try a new thread just to make sure.

Have you changed your  needle  lately? Even if you have, change it again just to make sure. Bernina says that the #1 component of getting a good stitch (besides using a Bernina machine) is the needle, so make sure it isn’t dull or bent, and for heaven's sake don't ever try to re-sharpen and reuse an old needle.

Lastly, make sure your  tension  is adjusted correctly. There should be some resistance on the bobbin thread and on the top thread when the presser foot is down. If not, you may need to bring it in for us to adjust to the right amount of resistance.  Happy Sewing!

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