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Fabulous Extras Worth Over $2400

Designed to bring you more features that enhance the joy of creating. This is the new BERNINA 790 PRO.

Enriched with exciting new sewing, quilting and embroidery features and the next generation stitchprecision2 Technology, the
B 790 PRO is even more precise and lets you control every stitch to achieve perfect results every time.

Innovations like the BERNINA Pinpoint Laser, 4-Point Placement and WiFi Connectivity bring you the joy of precision and control!

Bernina 880 plus sewing and embroidery machine


The ULTIMATE in sewing, embroidery, and quilting. Fast, quiet, and perfect every time!

HUGE space for sewing and embroidery, create your own stitch patterns, exceptionally precise, sew and embroider longer.

The most exceptional machine you will EVER sew with - you must try this magic in person!



The perfect machine for grand ideas!

Quiet and precise sewing, embroider maxi-sized motifs with ease! The B790 Plus offers a full 13-inch extended free arm including TEN inches of space to the right of the needle!

Enjoy automatic features and finest, cleanest embroidery every time!

Sewing, quilting, and embroidery with perfect precision! 7 Series Machines have automatic features for more convenience, incredible embroidery features for embroidery lovers, BERNINA Hook for meticulous stitches.

Our BSR-compatible 5 Series has automatic features to save you time, more space for your creative freedom, and quiet, precise sewing & embroidery with fewer interruptions. There are no limits to your creativity!

The BERNINA 4 Series makes sewing child's play, and is also ideal for your first patchwork projects. Various functions, such as thread cutting, are automated, making them noticeably easier.

Easy to use and extremely robust, the models in the BERNINA 3 series offer a range of practical functions and a solid introduction to the world of BERNINA.

Sew, cut, and trim - all in one easy step! Handle elastic materials with incredible ease. Plus, perfect seams, inside and out.

Precision meets comfort! Large throat space for even bigger quilts, ergonomic and comfortable handling.
You choose: on a frame or on a table!

We have ALL models and configurations in our BERNINA Q-Series Long Arm Center!

The Perfect Long Arm for You

In stock and ready to go home to your quilting space, we have EVERY BERNINA LONG ARM in all configurations! Our Long Arm experts are ready to help you find the best fit for you on your quilting journey. 

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BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 is the newly developed software with the long time embroiderist and the BERNINA Software newbie in mind. It opens the door to outstanding and creative embroidery and is available in two levels. And if you're ready for it, you can easily upgrade from Creator to DesignerPlus any time.