My Secret Garden - Block 4 with Brenda

February 05, 2019

My Secret Garden - Block 4 with Brenda

This block was a fast and fun one to make!  It was also the first time I used a #6 Accuquilt die to cut units.  Don’t you love the square on point?  It was easy to figure out which die to use.  When you look at this block, it is essentially a 9 patch block.

Knowing the finished size is 12”, that tells you that each subunit is 4”.  The Accuquilt catalog has a handy chart which shows you what dies to use.  The bottom shows that the #1 die is equal to the #6 die with #5 which makes the square on point.  By looking at the chart, you can find the #1 square that is the correct size for this block is from the 8” Qube.  Therefore, the #6 and #5 dies from this Qube are the ones that are needed to make those subunits.  I hope that makes sense! 

To assemble this block, I first made the green and white four patch blocks.  I pressed the seams towards the green on the two square units and pressed open to reduce bulk on the four patch. Remember, if you decide to press seams open, you should be using a shorter stitch length.

For the square on point, I prefer to sew the opposite triangles on first and press towards the triangle.  Center the triangle onto the square and I prefer to sew with the triangle on top.

Because the Accuquilt die cuts off the “dog ears” of the triangles, it makes it easy and accurate to sew this units.  Look at the way the sides of the triangles line up with the edges of the ones that were already sewn.

After these were done and pressed towards the triangles, I assembled the gray and white units.  I pressed towards the gray on the subunits and pressed the final seams open.  I know there is controversy about pressing open, but I find it really helps reduce the bulk and ultimately results in a more accurate block.  Ultimately, do what YOU are comfortable with.

At this point, you have the units ready to assemble your 9 patch!

I pressed towards the 4 patches and the gray/white unit when assembling the rows and pressed the final seams open.  What a fast and fun block!

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