I Got Lost

April 14, 2020

I Got Lost

When I last left you, I was organizing scraps and I promised more tips and tricks. I got lost along the way. Each little scrap represents a moment or two in time. Some days the scrap pile is just a burden, something I should get to and get it organized. Other days, like this past week it was potential.The scrap pile has an after life and a resurrection just like Easter morning. In the front are some low volume fabrics that were left over from my nephew's graduation quilt. Actually, the truth is, I had hoped to make a scrappy 30's quilt with them and his quilt just happened to come first. Either way, a large section of space opened up in my cabinet when I finished his quilt and began my own.Here is the quilt in progress and from across the room all the fun little patterns blend into the background....there are little flowers, bicycles, vintage fans, pattern pieces, cross hatching and so much more. I looked the other way for just a moment and  my daughter snuck in a few squares on the wall as well. The fun honeycomb flowers across the top are from a quilt that will be featured at the shop. There are the beginnings of the Bonnie Hunter "Unity" quilt and Kaye England's Patchwork Staycation, from her Civil War Legacies book. Here are my blocks from Kaye England's Patchwork Staycation. No yardage was harmed in the making of these blocks or my daughter's brighter ones.  The fabric came from that pile and some previously organized strips and squares. I had just what I needed and not a centimeter more.There are distractions in my studio from time to time. Jazzy is checking out the birds and making sure they don't cause a problem for me. I am Blessed with a view while I sew and this window is just beside me.I got lost making a quilt for the shop. This breath of spring matched the outdoors and lifted my creative spirits.I got lost quilting a few other quilts for the shop. This one Suzie created and it is a 6 yard quilt and I just love the colors.I quilted one for Marcia too and she hasn't even seen it yet.  This is another 6 yard quilt kit that we have recently put together. You can not see it but the blue shimmers and it is so subtly elegant. There are streaks of pearlescent color as well. And then this happened........white stuff.....on Easter was beautiful to look at but my heart was on spring........Although I got lost in the scraps and meandered through the possibilities and took time to breathe the fresh air, bake buns and bars, tend to my greenhouse and the other humans that share this space.....I found my way back to the next project. 

Stay tuned and Happy Sewing! Joy

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