Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery Good Fortune with Joy! Week 2!

December 06, 2018

Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery Good Fortune with Joy! Week 2!

Twas the night before Friday and all through the studio there is a flurry of activity as I clear my table in anticipation of the second clue.  I wonder what it might be this week. The cheery red and white four patches remind me of peppermints and Christmas.  The coffee is set and my clothes laid out.  I am an early riser by nature and I wake early to begin checking my phone for the next clue.


It seems the world over is urging Bonnie to wake and to post the next clue…this is a testament to the positive power she has near and far...even across the water to Australia.


The coffee is ready, I am showered and the bacon is baking and I am waiting as patiently as I can.  Reload once again….and there it is…..this weeks hint, challenge….half square triangles….my favorite.


Blue and white ones….time to cue Elvis and “Blue Christmas.”  The tree lights are twinkling and so am I.

My math is done and I have  cut my white and blue strips; carefully stacking them right sides together in pairs.  The AccuQuilt is on and ready to cut…...6 layers at a time….12 pairs at one pass.  I had these cut out lickety split but the sewing will have to wait until after work.

My husband chuckles as I settle in with glee to begin to string together 200+ half square triangle in a garland fit for the’s a mystery what will it be.

My eyes were boogley eyed by the time I finished but tomorrow we are off for Polish Dinner at my parents and there will be no time to sew.

Saturday dawns early (actually it’s as black as black out), the coffee is ready and the iron is hot as I use the amazing “Gizmo” to cut all those strings apart.            Soon I’m stacking and pressing to the dark side and the little happy piles of ten are forming.  The wool mat is heating up quite nicely (read, it’s quite hot, hot, hot) and it’s time to use the back end of the Annie Stiletto to press the seams and give the iron a bit of a rest.

And just like that…..that is a wrap…..250+ half square triangles all cozy and ready to rest until the final clue New Years Eve…


Be sure to check out Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog for the clues and join in.


Remember to set your coffee and I’ll see your lights glowing in the wee hours of Friday morning when the third clue comes out!


Until then, Happy Sewing

Bernina Joy


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