Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Along - Good Fortune with Joy - Week 5

December 27, 2018

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Along - Good Fortune with Joy - Week 5

What a fun, busy week I’ve had….kids home from college, last minute shoppers at the store and the early arrival of my parents had me scratching my head and wondering if I could sneak off for some sewing.  Most people could probably just get up early ahead of their family but most people don’t have early rising parents like mine ( I inherited the trait).  Fortunately for me, my mom is always willing to play in the sewing studio with me.

While I was cutting last weeks clue out, my mom was cutting strips for a graduation quilt we will sew for my nephew.  I have had a hankering to create another log cabin quilt.

Only 88 squares this week. I had left over pieces of orange from last weeks clue just the right size and amount to cut this weeks clue.  Used up all the scraps and it saved me a ton of time.  The blues were all pressed and so were the whites…..It didn’t even take a half hour to cut and I was ready to sew.


I can’t imagine how I survived without the Cutting Gizmo…..chain piecing and the gizmo are a match made in heaven.  My husband brought up a fresh blade for me and I thwacked my way through all those chain threads in a hurry.

Meanwhile, in my kitchen cookies were being baked by my own personal elves.

All the smells kept me going and it feels good to have family all around.  My sewing studio is right off the kitchen and that is very handy for me.

Of course half the fun at this point is to begin guessing how things might go together.

Oh the possibilities!  The count down is on to Bonnie Hunter’s big reveal….I am all caught up and can hardly wait to see what this quilt will be.


It is my good fortune to wrap those I love in quilts.  I gave my dad this quilt for Christmas.  It’s from Doug Leko’s book Stashtastic.  My dad shares a story from his childhood when he and his brother saw Giant Canada Geese during a time that they were thought to be extinct. He’s from the extreme North West part of the state just south of the Canadian border.  No one believed them and felt they must have seen a neighbor’s domestic geese.

Of course, we now know that Rochester had a population of Giant geese that survived and thrived during that time.  I named this quilt, “Harry’s Geese.”


In the background there is a sneak peek at the quilts that are in progress for the shop.


Friday is right around the corner and I hope you find time to create.  


Until then…..Happy Sewing from Bernina Joy!

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