What a Weekend!

Whoa!  Can you believe that it is already April?  This last weekend I celebrated my Birthday with a few of my favorite people!  We attended the Chris Stapleton and Laniey Wilson concert in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium.  What an amazing show!  I guess Country is Cool again!

The weekend wasn't all fun and games as I had lots of work to do at home as well.  Over the Easter weekend we had a water leak in our basement, where my sewing room is located in our house.  Luckily the water did not make it into my sewing room, but it did cause for the carpet to be ripped up.  Well, you guessed it, my sewing room has now been taken over by all the extra furniture that was in our family room.  I was able to clear a path to my sewing machine to work on a quilt that will soon be hanging in the shop!  Once the new carpet is in, my sewing room is in for a much-needed refresh! (Stay tuned for future blog posts on that project!)  I guess you could say that the water leak couldn't have happened at a better time.  Not only did I get to attend an amazing concert for my birthday, but I am also getting new carpet and furniture!!  I think I will call that a win and this just might be the best birthday yet!


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