The Things I Do For HER (NEVER AGAIN!)

She is the absolute WORST, and I can't believe I do anything for her at all. But again and again she ropes me into doing favors and projects and there are always annoying deadlines and obligations connected.

My only New Year's Resolution this year is to STOP LETTING HER THROW ME UNDER THE BUS. It stops here. She's gone too far this time. 

She, of course, is "Past Me." Past Me is constantly overestimating how much time I'll have or how much motivation I'll have or in the case of these much memory I have. 

We spent the first half of December looking through all the Christmas boxes wondering where on earth we put our Christmas stockings last year. Past Me took everything down, saved the ribbons we use to tie them to the banister (found the ribbons right away). But no stockings. Anywhere.  

Spoiler alert: The trash. She put them in THE TRASH. 

Past Me, bless her heart, hated the stockings we had and decided that we were finally going to get new ones made. She was SO CERTAIN we'd manage it in 2023 that she THREW AWAY our old stockings, but she forgot to leave me a note or something because I did not remember this until we had emptied every bin or box that we thought might contain Christmas and a little tiny flutter of memory came through. Of course, by this time it was already December 20th, and I have 4 kids. 

And of course I needed to make sure we actually LIKED THEM because if not, then Future Me would be as angry with me as I am right now with Past Me.

So I bopped on over to PNQS, clicked the magic button on the home page that allows me to shop OESD while supporting PNQS (handy!).