The Great Outdoors

Fall is a favorite time of year for me and my husband and I enjoy getting out to the State Parks to enjoy the crisp fresh air, fall colors and tranquility. We have enjoyed a late September week long get away for a few years in a row. Usually I pack a good book, some knitting and my hiking boots. This year was no different but my husband made it possible for me to bring my sewing machine. 

A few years ago, I inherited a rug weaving loom and for me it was a match made in heaven. As a quilter, we often have left over bindings, scraps, cut offs and other bits and bobs of fabrics that have done their duty in our quilt making and now have become left overs. As a life long quilter, I have accumulated a substantial stash of left overs and it feels amazing to use those fabric bits in a new way. I also recycle tired and worn sheets, flannel shirts and worn jeans (I mean worn).

I spent the week cutting strips at the picnic table and sewing them together. It was such an amazing experience to look out at the lake that is just beyond the trees, smell the campfire and crisp fall air and know that I was preparing for my winter weaving. It is a bonus that there is now room in my sewing studio to tuck away some new fabric for winter and spring sewing.

A weeks worth of upcycling and sewing created an amazing array of rug balls that I am looking forward to weaving and creating gifts. It truly was a gift to have a small sewing machine to take to the woods and enjoy at my campsite.

Winter is right around the corner. Be sure to stock up on a new project, fresh cutting blades, needles and maybe even a new sewing machine.

Happy Sewing! Joy

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