Setting sites on Spring!

...and a trip!

One wonderful thing about living in the Midwest is experiencing the four distinct seasons.  I like some more than others, but each year I find more appreciation for each of them.  Yes, even winter, however, that being said it was not always that way.  Tom and I ( and our kiddos) owned and managed a dairy farm for over 25 years and winters at the dairy were for the most part ok, but when the temperatures dipped below zero, every chore took twice as long , machines broke down easily, frozen cattle drinkers with thirsty cattle waiting and many, many times moving and pushing snow before we could event get to the buildings.  No choice to go out in the blizzard because the animals needed to be fed, watered and milked.   Many things I miss about the dairy but frozen winter days are not one of themMoving on to spring.  It is always a pleasure to open up the windows, step outside without a jacket or sweater, the daily check to see if the tulips are up and even the momentary urge to "spring clean."

 It is no different at the quilt shop with fresh clean spring collections on the shelves.  Having almost an avalanche of new kits and samples to make.  This year PNQS Management Team is also taking an exciting spring trip the first week of March  to Clifton Forge Virginia.   We are participating in a shop owners retreat with Kaye England, Gail Hillert and Nina McVeigh at the historic Masonic Theater.  This is something that Suzie and I did for years. Kaye retired for a few years and is back doing this annual event.  Last year Joy and I were able to get away to go to Clifton Forge. It is just a beautiful little town located in a valley between mountains.  Their spring season is weeks ahead of ours so it was t shirt weather last year when we went. 

Adding to the ambiance of the trip we are staying at a historic bed and breakfast called the Red Lantern Inn.  Oh, we can hardly wait.We all have "new" kits to make projects from some of Kaye's most popular and classic patterns.  And yes, we are kitting all of these so it will "almost" be like taking you along with us.

Here are the fabrics and patterns we will be working on.  I will for sure post some progress pictures from the event!

This is what I will be working on, see why I am feeling like spring?

This is Kendra's.  She has never made a basket quilt before and this one adds some log cabins and nine patches.

Joy's selection is "one" of her favorite designers French General.  This one has so so many pieces, it will be a masterpiece when finished!

And Suzie, we have TWO selected for her.  She is a super fast and focused piecer.  We do not want her to run out of projects.

Here is her "spring" selection.

And this is a deeper toned collection, reminiscent of civil war fabrics.

So please do watch our FB and IG pages as we take you along with us to Virginia on retreat!  There will be more fun things from Kaye and other shop owners too.   We will be sure and post the finished quilts as well.  Kits will also be available soon.

Here's to fresh new springtime projects!



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