Quilting at the Cabin

...memories, living my best life...

Back in 2018, Tom's family cabin on Leech Lake of 44 years was no longer an option to retain ownership.  While we did not get there more than 1 maybe 2 times a year especially when we had the dairy farm it was indeed the best part of our growing families vacations.

We knew this was part of our life that we did not want to give up now with all of the young grandkiddos.  So Tom and I went on an adventure looking for a place that was closer to home for about half the driving distance with the intention that we could be there more often.  We wanted a bigger place so that we could perhaps celebrate some of the holidays as well as the annual family vacation there.  While we did not necessarily have to be right "on the lake" anymore we knew we wanted lake access within a very short distance from the cabin perhaps with a bit more privacy that you usually give up living right on the shorelines.

It was so much fun to explore, look at all the different options, including the ones that were/are way out out our price range, get ideas and dream.

Several months later we were able to check all of the boxes and landed at Devils Lake Webster Wisconsin.  January 3, 2019 we closed on the property and began the next leg of the journey as the place was a real "fixer upper"!  During that first winter and into spring we made the trek every other weekend and dug in, many times Suzie, Justin and families joined us for the work weekends.  Not at all relaxing, in fact we were all beat when we returned home Sunday evenings, but a good kind of exhaustion with dreams of what was to be dancing in our heads. 

I snapped this photo this morning.

While I could go on and on about the fun times our family has spent here.  For today I am just going to give you a quick "quilt tour" and show you bits of the space.

As you know our PNQS Management team comes here quarterly for a few days of reviewing, planning and  working on new shop samples for classes.  It is a perfect mix of business and a bit of fun too.  This is the week that this would normally be happening but we have more than normal of our staff out of the shop at this time with some medical issues and a planned trip to Nashville.  So it is just me that came up for a little time away, sewing shop samples and dabbling in some of the business that I can do from here.

First up - my working space, just as it is....

As you can see, I am being "productive".  

I am very messy while working on projects, cannot wait to see the finished product!

This is the view from the other side.  Hallmark Christmas movies, some Virgin River and When Calls the Heart.  The only thing that makes it better is when the gas fireplace is working...(need to get a replacement this year) 

    On this day it was raining in the morning and        replaced with this in the afternoon.

I have found this is a great place for some of my Quiltworx quilts!

Our Farmhouse table (this was originally my sister Jane's.  (We  love having a memory of her here with us).   Below however is today's view :). Finishing up the Chatsworth projects among other things.  :)

      This is a little drop-leaf table that will expand to seat 6 - Tom and I bought this when we were first married - it has seen a lot of meals and conversations, and games.


This indeed is the most special thing.

My Mom did all the hand embroidery on this piece.  It was the last one she was actually working on right before she left for her heavenly home.

Suzie then did all of the shading, pieced blocks and put it all together.  A special family heirloom.

This is a picture of Grandma A on her final trip to the cabin in April (she passed in July)

This is taken the same time with my sister Cheryl.  All of Gma's granddaughters and grand daughter-in-law were here for this special weekend to.

Her spirit is always here with us, she loved to come to the cabin for our sewing times.



(Most of the quilting in the cabin was custom quilted by my and Gma's friend Gena Cahill including the heirloom fishing quilt.)

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