Meet the Pets of Pine Needles Quilt & Sew

Gemma belongs to Kendra's family.  She is a 7 year old English Bulldog.  Her favorite snack is blueberries.  Her favorite napping spot?  Who are we kidding, she naps anywhere and everywhere!!  The funniest thing she does is steal lunch box snacks and hides them in random spots throughout the house. 

Suzie's family has 3 dogs, Bella is the mostly black one.  She is 3 years old and a rescue from Paws & Claws so we aren't sure of her breed.  The girl love to get in the water...any water!  Josie is black and white, age 5, and she is an Australian Shepherd.  This girl enjoys herding anything and everything...chickens, cows, blowing leaves, whatever.   Billie the brown terror is the new kid on the block. She is a  10 month old Teddy Bear (Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu) and boy, does she have some sass.  Don't tell her she is small because she absolutely has no idea.  Sometimes she even challenges the cows.   The first picture is them doing their favorite activity of all time - going for a ride.  As evidenced by my seat cushion, they are also avid chewers and destroyers.  They, too can nap almost anywhere, but prefer the front deck so they can  keep an eye on who is coming and going.  They love dog treats and get about a billion a day.

Oakie is Tom and Marcia's 8 year old rescue dog.  Her favorite snack is leftovers, and it is said that Tom actually overfills his plate so that there is some left for her.  Her favorite place to nap and just "be" in general is in Tom's van.  They can be seem cruising the gravel roads of the Chester, IA area at a snail's pace, and she sits up in the passenger seat just like a human.  She almost always has her tail between her legs and is super friendly.  She's not a funny dog, says Tom...she's pretty serious and nervous.  Every time Marcia's phone or computer receives a notification sound, she gets worried.  Her and Tom are a wonderful couple as her high anxiety is balanced out by Tom's super chill attitude.

Laura's favorite pet is Toby; he is a Lion Head rabbit.  He is about 7 years old.  He is a rescue from South Korea that her daughter brought back with her, but lives with grandma (Laura) now.   He loves Blueberries.  Toby's favorite napping spot is under the bed.  He is a funny bunny. He will do a happy dance to get more blueberries.  He runs around your feet and does binkies.  Plus he loves to jump up on the bed and dig on my fabric in her sewing room. He is a silly rabbit and we love him very much, she says.

Brenda is the proud owner of Frankie or Francis Michael when he really needs to listen.  He is a 4 year old standard poodle.  His favorite  snack is Happy Howie’s Soft Meat Roll Treats.  When he needs a break, you can find him napping somewhere near her, preferably a very soft spot or often her husband’s spot the minute he gets up.  Brenda recalls the funniest thing he has done...she thought she had lost a car key and after spending a couple months looking for it and was about to spend around $300-$400 to replace it.  Fortunately, when she was playing with Frankie and looking for a toy to throw for him, when she found that he had put my car key in his large dog toy bin!

We would absolutely love to see your pets in the comments!  Bonus points for pics caught of them in your sewing studio or laying on a beautiful quilt.  Sewing is just plain better with our support animals, right?

Piece out!


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