It takes a village....

and a whole lot of great peeps :)

It takes a village, they say.  Oh so true a statement, weather raising up children,  in our community, families, friend network or business.

Over the years, as this once tiny quilt shop has grown we have found that the "PNQS Village" of staff and customers is so vital to the lifeblood of our family owned small business.

I am reflecting on this because the upcoming month will mark 12 years here in Rochester (and heading into our 20th year of ownership of Pine Needles Quilt & Sew).

 Many spokes in the wheel is what keeps it turning smoothly.  

We have a marvelous team at the shop. 

Each and every one  has an equally important part.  Our team is  are like an extended family and all of YOU are part of it as well.  We never expected to be so blessed with this marvelous extended "family", staff and peeps.   Heartfelt appreciation to everyone. 

Our doors continue to open to more and more new customers every month.  We are so appreciative to all of you.  Our long time loyalists  have followed us from location to location are truly, truly golden gems.  New friends and long time friends continue to bring new vitality and ideas to the shop.  

Our staff too, continues to evolve  and grow keeping things fresh and new.  Over the years they have traveled  to other employment avenues, become pattern designers, retired, moved away and so forth.  We are so very blessed that many of them still grace the shop from time to time.  It is just like old home week when they come in.

Here is our Monday morning staff, all in their places with bright shiny faces!  I will try and post our latter week group on the FB page later this week as we are missing Gerarda, Wendy, April Sherry,  Crystal and Lisa.  Also missing are Brenda and Sue, they come back often to help out when needed.  Many hands make light the work (plus they/we have fun!).   Suzie is visiting Disney with her family this week and Tom (our #1 tech) would no way let me take his pic!

We are just SEW blessed in SEW many, many ways!

Such a HAPPY place!


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