Quilts by their nature are practical items. Quilts provide warmth, shelter, love and comfort. There are some of us who create quilts to mark and celebrate special occasions and others that love to create for the sake of creating. Of course, we can have our toes dipped into both camps.

Pine Needles is a great place for me to create and play with all the new fabrics my heart desires and since we love to share what we have created, these special Pine Needles quilts not only get started, they get finished. 

 However, there is a special kind of quilt that is near and dear to my heart. It is the “Funsies” quilt. The “Funsies” quilt was coined by my daughter Alyssa and it is a quilt that is created for no other reason than for fun.  It doesn’t have a recipient, a deadline, any requirements or restrictions; it is simply for “Funsies.”  

Now this Funsies quilt might stem out of a fabric line that just calls your name. It might be a pattern that just has to be purchased. It might be inspired by a need to create something from your scraps or it might be weather related. In other words, a “Snow Day” quilt or you are feeling “Under the Weather” or a “Little Blue.”  

Recently, I pulled out my Tilda fabrics and decided it was time to start a Funsies quilt. I chose the log cabin pattern to showcase these lovely fabrics and added in some Moda Mix and Match Shirtings for the lights. The AccuQuilt cutter cut all the 2.5” strips from the Tilda fabric and I used Eleanor Burns Quilt In a Day Ruler and Book to cut all the pieces to size. The BERNINA L890 serger sewed all the strips together quickly and beautifully and before I knew it the quilt was finished. I chose a log cabin layout that would cover our queen size bed.

This past weekend the top, cozy flannel batting and wool batting got loaded on the long arm and as I quilted my Funsies quilt, I spent time tidying my sewing studio. Before I knew it the quilting was done and my studio looked better. The birds kept me company and cheered me on throughout the day.

It was a bonus in my mind that when I reached the final row of quilting, everything was still square and tidy.

The reason or motivation for starting a Funsie quilt really isn’t important. The important thing is that you give yourself permission to do just that, create for the sake of having fun! I look forward to seeing what you all create for "Funsies"

Happy Sewing! Joy

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