Bloom and Grow

It's spring and everything is starting to Bloom and Grow including my creativity and desire to make all the things. There is a new kid on the block and I go to bed dreaming about the next little nugget of fun waiting for me in the morning. I find myself stealing a moment here and there to get just a few precious moments with this love of mine. The crockpot is full every day and there may be just a few dirty dishes and a little bit of laundry waiting for me but I have things to do and to create.

The new kid on the block is the BERNINA L890 Serger. When you purchase this beautiful machine you get the Bloom and Grow kit and pattern and that beautiful thread. I have been stealing moments here and there to sew this fun quilt.

Each little discovery is a treasure. I loved creating textured fabric with the glorious Glamore glitter thread from Wonderfil. I have done stitch and flip flying geese many times through the years but never with a serger. What a delight….it nearly made me giddy. This beautiful machine could piece them accurately and trim the extra fabric all in one motion. Almost magical!

Then, I moved to the fun 18 degree triangles that are adorned with just a tish of color left and right but oh be still my heart……the color was different on each side but no extra effort was needed to make it so.

Last night and this morning I was playing with Wonky Log Cabins and Amanda Murphy the designer of this fantastic project, tossed in just a little flange of color here and there to give movement interest. Now I love a log cabin quilt made on a serger probably more than most but give it that little twist of wonkiness and I am totally sunk…..just sunk. Marcia, if I am missing, I will be in my sewing studio playing in the scraps.

The L890 is so much more than a garment construction machine. It is more than a helpful companion to your sewing machine. It truly is a creative tool and workhorse in its own right. If you purchase one of these beautiful machines from Pine Needles, be sure to join me in the fall for two days of creative fun as we Bloom and Grow together.

Happy Sewing, Happy Serging!


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