BERNINA L890 - Officially 10K Certified!

Thank you for all of your well-wishes on both the speed serging and the early morning running! I am thrilled to say that my legs took their cue from my trusty BERNINA L 890 and neither let me down! I completed both my outfit and the race! 

I finished the construction very quickly with the L 890, but just barely squeaked out the hand-sewing portion in time to leave for Florida. (I'm sure Mother Gothel had some sort of evil lackey making her gown, but I have no evil lackeys - at least not ones who are good with a needle and thread.)

On race morning we had that lovely wakeup at 2:45am Eastern time, but I'm so proud of us both for throwing on our running gear and making it to the race start in time to take a fantastic picture with Rapunzel and Flynn. I had hoped they'd have Mother Gothel there, but I had to do in a pinch. We look really bright-eyed for 4am, but I promise we were not. 

I know we are used to our purchased t-shirts and sportswear getting hard use, but I can't be the only one who gets a little nervous when something I'm making needs to hold up to a lot. I trusted the machine to optimize the stitch settings, and it all came through so beautifully and securely that the outfits were functional, COMFORTABLE, and held up to a sweaty 10K! 

We crossed that finish line and even rode a few rides in Epcot before heading back to our room to put those sore feet up. 

Yeah, we could have worn matching t-shirts instead or purchased themed running gear online before our trip. Yeah, I could have stayed in my lane and kept sewing simple things that I'd already sewn before. 

But what's the fun in that? ;) I'm SO PROUD of myself for expanding my abilities with my BERNINAs, and for pushing out of my sewing, serging, and embroidery comfort zone. Not to mention my athletic comfort zone! 

And now I can say, "Hey, remember that time I made us Rapunzel and Mother Gothel costumes so we could get up at midnight our time to run six miles through Disney World like total weirdos? That was so. much. fun." 

So fun that I accidentally signed up for another one in November. Costume to be determined by my and my L 890...

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