You Know What They Say

December 30, 2021 1 Comment

You Know What They Say

This morning I couldn't wait any longer, I flipped the calendar page from December to January to see what Mr. Railroad and Mrs. Quilter had to say....Mrs. Quilter is surrounded with fabric schnibbles and a project and glibly states, this year I am going to finish one sewing project before starting another and Mr. Railroad looks at her and know it's New Year's not April Fools, Right. 

Well that just struck my funny bone and I outright laughed. Not a giggle or a smirk but an out right laugh complete with a small snort.  Right about then my husband rounds the corner and I was reminded of Marcia's joke from our Wednesday live and I asked, "Do you know what they say about New Year's Resolutions?" He replied, "though shalt not turn the calendar page early." I was gobsmacked...truly did he know?....He said it was the only possibility for the morning laugh and snort. Wow...In case you didn't know the answer to the joke because I nearly forgot it in that is this...New Year's Resolutions go in one year and come out the other.

That leaves me to reflect on Mrs. Quilter's resolution and my own. What are my hopes and dreams for the coming year. I have plenty of WIPS (Work in Progress), PHDS (Projects Half Done), dream projects and those that are semi-retired with their fates unknown.  However, every year I look to that one project that inspires me and challenges me to learn something new or to step outside my comfort zone or just the thing that makes me sigh in anticipation.

For the new year, and because I can't wait to turn the calendar page my inspiration and challenge involves the 2 Q's in my life Qmatic and Quiltworx.  Quiltworx has fascinated me for years. The colors, the intricacies of the piecing and the astounding quilting. I think the first one that grabbed me was the Hosta quilt. It was truly inspiring and astounding and it was hung in a quilt shop like a crown Emerald jewel.  It's been niggling and nudging ever since. Fast forward today at Pine Needles. Since I began here, there has been temptation and inspiration surrounding me every day, month and year. My daughter tipped me over the edge. She is a poor college student and has a keen interest in Quiltworx and can colorize with the best of them. She about we co own Coral Reef.  You purchase the supplies and we will share the sewing.  Although the financial investment was tipped a bit (a lot) more heavily in my arena, the investment in memories is priceless.

So, my New Year's 2022 resolution began a little early this fall. Alyssa colorized the Desert Sky quilt for us to Co-Own our first project together and we took Kendra's beginning Quiltworx class here at the shop. If you haven't taken a class from her, you simply should. You will not regret it. Alyssa did most of the sewing and we truly are both hooked. 


Over Christmas, part 2 of the Q came into play. I used my 3 days off to load Desert Sky unto my Bernina Quilt frame and used the amazing custom features on my Qmatic to place custom digitized quilting in all the appropriate areas. The designs were purchased but the experience of placing, resizing and testing out this process on a one of a kind quilt was nerve wracking and exhilarating all at the same time. The experience was a success and it's like popcorn, it will not be my last taste of custom placement on my quilts.

During the New Year break, I will bind my quilt and likely it will come to live in my office. The project may have a price tag but the memories are priceless and in the New Year, I hope to make many more.

Our next Co Owned project is to complete Coral Reef. This class is also taught by Kendra and it is a large undertaking for Alyssa and I and I will keep you posted on our progress in the months to come.

What is calling your name? What is inspiring you? What are you waiting for...Christmas is passed and the New Year is right around the corner. Go ahead, turn the calendar page, finish something or start something new and make some memories along the way.

Happy Sewing, Joy

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Phyllis Anderson
Phyllis Anderson

January 11, 2022

Joy, your enthusiasm and energy seem boundless. Mr Railroad and Mrs Quilter make an interesting couple. Thanks for sharing.

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