When I'm not sewing...

October 01, 2020 2 Comments

When I'm not sewing...

So, in case you haven't heard, I have myself a little bit of an obsession other than sewing and my passionate love affair with Pine Needles.  I thought it might be fun for all you peeps to tour the farm!

Here is the baby of the family.  Scarlett was just born September 8, 2020.  So super cute, right???

This is her and her mother, Flo, shortly after she was born.   
This is her brother, Carl who was born to Flo last year.  This birth was an exciting one!  He decided to arrive the day we were leaving for Babylock Tech in St. Louis.  Joy and Marcia had to wait for the delivery, BUT they got to witness it!  A great memory for sure!
That completes Flo's family.  My other mother of 2 is Helen.  Her face is all white, because she is impatient like Marcia.  She can't wait for her feed to be dumped into her bunk before sticking her head in.  
Helen's firstborn (last year) is Charlotte.  We are hoping that she will have a baby of her own in the spring.  She is, by far, the shyest of the bunch.
Born to Helen this year, we have Rip.  He surprised us by being born pretty early and at the summer pasture, but he is healthy as a horse and loves having a playmate now that Scarlett has arrived.
Pauline is the nosy, bossy, loud gal that was introduced to the herd last year.  She will hopefully have a calf in the spring with her pal, Charlotte.  She, too can't eat without getting a very messy face.
That's it!  The herd is growing every year and so much fun we can hardly stand it!  Tom and Marcia are also heavily involved in this venture when they aren't busy with Pine Needles business.
But wait...there's more!  I also keep myself busy with 9 lovely chickens.  For those of you with a keen eye, yes, I did sew a flannel jacket for a couple of my hens that were a little light in the feather department.  I'm not ashamed...much  :)
A major highlight of every day is gathering the eggs.  For real - I love it!  Again, not ashamed very much.
Also born this spring were these adorable little mouse destroying creatures.
Of course, what would any good farm be without some trusty hounds?  Here are mine.  Lilly (St. Bernard) is 10 and Josie (Australian Shepherd) is 1.
As you can see, before a stitch can be sewn, chores must be done.  I wouldn't want to have it any other way!  
Piece out,

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Anita Stumpf
Anita Stumpf

December 27, 2020

I did enjoy the farm but………..are there any sheep in the future? (my favorite).

Marilyn Tiffault
Marilyn Tiffault

December 10, 2020

Loved your tour of the farm. Thank you for sharing your other passion.

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