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November 26, 2015

In my early education, I went to an old fashioned one room country school from Kindergarten (back then they called it Spring Primary as it was just in the springtime) through the 6th grade.  Yup, I really am that old! 

Little-House-on-the-Prairie-TV-Show-Quilt-ExampleOne of the mainstays and set of books continually checked out from our tiny library were the Little House Series of Books, they were well worn, dog eared, read and re-read and of so loved from our little 8’x8′ library.  We played “Little House” at recess and knew ALL the stories inside and out.

Later in my teen years the TV series came along.  Those evenings at 7 PM were a sacred time for me (remember if we did not see it on the actual airing there was no recording!)   Why, I even remember one time that I was late for a school play practice as I just could not leave until the episode was over!  As a 16 year old girl I certainly did not tell anyone that was the reason I was late though!


From Little House on the Prairie dot com: 

Quilting-with-Laura-Ingalls-Wilder-7Children and adults alike continue to be fascinated by the engaging tale of what life was like during the pioneer era. In an age when people had to make do to survive, quilting played a natural and vital role. Sewing skills in general were important in the lives of women on the prairie.

Caroline Ingalls understood the importance of teaching her children to sew. In a time before central heating, when a warm home in the winter might only be 55 degrees, having a large number of quilts was a matter of survival. Quilts were not only used for bedding, but they were also hung in windows and doorways to block drafts.

They were hung from ropes to create ‘divisions’ in an otherwise one-room cabin, providing privacy in cramped quarters. They were also used as padding to protect precious belongings when traveling cross country.

And… I am over the moon excited that Little House on the Prairie® recently released three beautiful fabric collections by Andover Fabrics. For those in love with all things Little House on the Prairie, the possibilities of what you can make are endless.

little house 1


Now, these many years after Laura’s stories were saved for those of us who treasure them so, she continues to fire our imagination. In October, Andover Fabrics is introducing three lines of Little House on the Prairie® fabrics.

  • Walnut Grove: Named for the town in Minnesota where Laura’s family settled in 1874, the Walnut Grove collection features prints from the era that their quilts would have been made from.
  • Prairie Flowers: The quilts of the Little House on the Prairie TV show feature bold, bright prints that gave the show its life and color. The Prairie Flowers collection is a rainbow wave of calicos, inspired by the TV quilts.
  • Scenics and Icons: Inspired by the illustrations found in the novels, this collection features iconic imagery such as the running girl, wagon, little cabin, and the majestic scenery. This is a natural finish fabric, paying homage to the rustic roots of Laura’s stories.

This quilt was a sneak peek from this Fall Quilt Market in Houston.


Coming soon to the shop is this fantastic book too.


The-attic-and-the-cellarWe have lots of things planned to do with this fabric line – I can hardly wait!  I have my own version of an old fashioned scrappy quilt to make (and kit) …..now if I just had more time….


Stay tuned as we share some of the fun projects and events we are planning at the shop, and guess what?  There will even be a Little House Quilting Quickie coming soon!  Come on in to our own PNQS Olson’s Mercantile to get your pretty calicos and other fine things!






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