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Transitions .......there have been many in the last few months. We transitioned from our old store to our new store. We transitioned from winter to spring. Every week, Marcia and I transition from one Wednesday Marcia & Joy Show to another. We may be the faces of the show but Suzie and Jena provide the behind the scenes support.  If you haven't had a chance to watch our weekly broadcast on Facebook on Wednesdays at 1:00, take a few moments and put your feet up and relax with us. Marcia has the best jokes ever and we all pitch in and create new things to keep us all inspired each week.

I digress just a little bit and as I write this, we have just had a really lovely Virtual Spring Retreat that involved a mystery quilt, demos, laughter, treats and many of you participated. Although we had a plan for our retreat, we didn't know what to expect and how it would feel to be virtually involved in something we usually would host in person.  We heard from many of you that you gathered with your close peeps and enjoyed the retreat together. Some of you mentioned that it would not have been possible to attend if it was in person. For myself, I truly enjoyed the experience and the meandering creative, interactive path we travelled.

Transitions, I truly thought when we moved in to our new space that when we placed our sewing cabinets in place and our machines that we would be set for awhile.  It's really quite funny to think how wrong I was. Over the past 7 weeks, we have shifted things a little every week and now we have nearly replaced all the furniture in one section. Machines continue to arrive and it is such a happy feeling to see machines that have been out of stock since last spring finally arrive. With a little scooching here and a little scooching there, the machines find their new place on our floor with the other machines. Our new Koala cabinets have arrived and they are modular and beautiful and I invite you to come and check them out.

Transitions, I have reset my sewing studio in preparation for the Minnesota Quilt Show. Pine Needles is hosting the BERNINA domestic sewing machine virtual booth. I am looking forward to sharing my favorite features of the BERNINA sewing machines during the Minnesota Quilt Show. I will be offering a variety of Zoom demos and extra Facebook Live broadcasts during this time.  In addition, Marcia will be broadcasting from Madeline Island and that is her story to share. Watch our weekly emails for details. 

Transitions and change are constants at Pine Needles and it is what makes every day an adventure.

I feel very fortunate that I am surrounded by all of you that cheer us on through all of these transitions and laugh with us as we navigate the virtual and real world together.  

Thank You and Happy Sewing! Joy


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May 16, 2021

Love your Wednesday shows!! I bought my first Bernina in Cresco. One day I hope to visit your shop

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