...the new shop. There IS light at the end of this very long tunnel.

December 10, 2020 2 Comments

...the new shop.  There IS light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Oh my goodness, I feels like we have been talking about this expansion for years...  well I guess we have, as we began planning for it about 5 years ago.  

It is amazing how things change.  Back in 2012 when we were moving into our current space I thought we would never fill it up.  Silly me.  A few short years later we were packed in.  Now add another 8 years, long arms, machines keep getting bigger, the entire line of Babylock machines as well as Bernina, new styles of sewing cabinets, adding a massive online order shipping department, way too small classroom, new deliveries for a "supposed to be in already" new store...  

We are squished in here tight right...

Mama always said "Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better."

But progress is happening.  At this writing the painting of walls is about to begin and ceiling tiles go up right after that.  New flooring is ordered and should be here in 2-3 weeks...

We are getting closer!  This is a view from the back area to front - there is also much of the store over to the right.

This is from the front door - again there is a lot of the shop still over to the right

This is a pan shot of the classroom  - yes indeed, once we can hold classes safely we have room for 24 folks to be at machines or 99 seated (comfortably, not cramped together like in our current space) for lecture demo!

This is another shot of the classroom.

Our current space is for sure overflowing, but so are our hearts.  You all have been so kind, gracious and understanding of the situation and you continue to support us in so many ways, many of you continue to come to the shop for new projects, machines and more.  Many of you buy through our online store.  IT IS YOU, that manifests this dream of the new shop.  We are so grateful for each and everyone of you for your continued patronage, your friendship, offers to help and kind words everyday.  

You have made us know without a doubt that even in this difficult time, we continue to move forward towards the end goal, a brand new shop clean and shiny with lots of beautiful machines, fabrics, notions books patterns a state of the art classroom and MORE!  Because of you and for you!  Our Pinecone Family is simply the best!

Until the next "sneak peek" here is one more glimpse into the future!

Virtual hugs!







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Marcia Nagel
Marcia Nagel

December 22, 2020

Hi Anna – no it is just a couple of doors down from where we are now – we have half of the Party City space – just a few more weeks and we will be in! Happy Holidays! M

Anna Miller
Anna Miller

December 22, 2020

Is your new shop in a new location?

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