The "count" is on!

January 17, 2022 1 Comment


For the next 3 days the shop is closed while we count every item, every yard of fabric, every pack of sewing machine needles, every spool of thread...

The "physical" count is an annual "job", none of us like it.

We have a few less staff to help this year as normally we also take this time to totally re-make the shop.  Being we just moved in months ago we are not going to move everything around this time, just change out some of our displays.  Also we have some new technology that replaces most of the hand counting with paper and pen.  

It is Monday morning on day one and everyone got right to work.

Jena and Tom counting machine parts. This wall only scratches the surface of their tasks - they also have to count the walls of machines in the warehouse.

This is Linda and Lois, longtime PineCone Peeps, part of our "family" here at the shop.  These two are troopers and have been assisting us with the annual count since 2012.  They also help out with shop samples, bindings and so forth, they are just awesome!

Joy & Kendra are weighing each bolt of fabric with this amazing machine.  Once weighed it determines the yardage on each bolt.  Much faster and more accurate than counting folds on the bolts.  PS - it also cuts fabrics!

Suzie does all data entry, checking the mistakes, missed codes, duplicates and so forth.  It is a big job and she has been up to the task for 17 years and counting.  We used to have 2 people doing this, but with the new "equipment" and her experience she can do this by herself.  She does a fantastic job, I am always amazed that the inventory is as accurate as it is.

Then there is this...the warehouse, some of these items were counted and marked last week, but the bulk of it needs to be done in the next 3 days.

As for me, I get to deal with all of the "junk", leftovers, stuff and all things no one knows what to do with, you the junk drawer in your kitchen times 5000...

So there you have it, a sneak peek into the shop during inventory.

We would much rather be open and see your smiling faces, but alas, we gotta do what we gotta do.   Just so very happy it is but once per year, that we are still here and able to do it!




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Jane Evers
Jane Evers

January 17, 2022

Day is finally good for travel and I’ve got no place to go because you guys are hard at work doing inventory. I used to run the school library and remember the yearly inventory using the card catalog – much faster when we went to barcodes – but it still took time. If I lived closer I’d bring you a treat for sustenance. Have fun (at least as much as you can)!

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