Studio Spring Cleaning

April 10, 2022 1 Comment

Studio Spring Cleaning

It seems the studio is in a perpetual state of creative mess. Oh, there are euphemisms out there like some leave their creative ideas laying about and such but sometimes we just have to call a mess a mess. In my perfect world, I tidy up between projects but there is an assumption that there is a between project phase.  For me, as I near the end of a project and that can vary from 25% percent to 90ish percent, I begin thinking about the next project or four.

This in-between phase is where things get a tad tricky. It's the phase where you start gently nudging the current project off to the side just a little, maybe throw more pieces up on the design wall so as not to lose any critical parts while you contemplate the next project. Now by contemplate, this could mean simply laying out the fabrics so you can eye them while working on the current project all the way to I may as well press them since they are all laid out, to I may as well cut them out before the fabric gets wrinkled to I may as well test sew a piece or two or more.

Now in this in-between phase is where I start stashing more patterns or digging out patterns and books from my personal library. I likely start opening drawers and bins and begin the auditioning process....which ones will make the cut....oooh..... that new fabric we just got in is essential to the success of this pattern and I can use up these others from my stash. Who am I kidding???? I will likely use a piece or two and treat myself to a little or a lot of new fabric.

 This is how a work in progress becomes a stash raiding mess and the patterns are complicit in this malarkey and before I know it my studio is out of control and there are times when I don't notice and there are times when it becomes painfully obvious (usually days before expecting some house guests....ok, maybe just hours).

Now this is where things get tricky in my studio.....sometimes, just sometimes (ok more often than not) the clever little ideas laying all about get tucked in any available closet, bin or machine case that is closest. My intent is always to truly put things away after the "visit" is over but gosh, the studio looks so nice and why would we want to open up that little can of worms. 

However, at some point there is the great comeuppance when you might actually need to get in that closet or your sewing machine may actually need to go in that lovely travel case or you may actually need that suitcase, dresser or clever hiding spot you stashed and dashed your stuff.  

This winter that has lingered longer than usual it seems has given me the time and incentive to slowly open one little treasure trove of stash and dash at a time. I would be untruthful if I said I found permanent homes for everything and everything was Spit Spot but I am making progress. I haven't done as much sewing this winter as I have been really trying to get a handle on my creativity that manifests itself into such an unruly mess.

I just want you all to know if this sounds like your studio.....You are not alone. I am right there with you!

Happy Sewing, Joy 

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Sandra Moore
Sandra Moore

April 18, 2022

Yes looks like my sewing room before in between and after. to many projects not enough time.

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