Ready, Reset, Go!

November 10, 2021 1 Comment

Ready, Reset, Go!

During the pandemic all of our college kids came home to roost. There were 7 of us around the dinner table. We had virtual learning, work from home, a high school graduation, college graduation, online teaching, a milestone birthday, job changes and so much more. The dishwasher was always full, the laundry overflowed, the kitchen was open 24/7, music was in the air, lively discussions and so much more. At times I wonder at the blessing of it all.  

Now it is late fall, we have moved 3 off to new locations and new semesters.Some required a moving truck and another just a van load. All are settled in their new places and new schedules.

Tomatoes start to come in at the same time back to school time hits and my help available dwindles. This year, everyone remaining pitched in with hauling jars up and down, washing and cooking tomatoes and I even had to call in the "Northern Cannery" help, my mom.We canned jars and jars of tomatoes, chilli starter, tomato soup, beef, apple cider and apple sauce.  Our pantry is full and we are ready for a long winter's sew.

And then.....the canning was put away and it was time to reset our home.....It was time to create an office space once again for my husband. Let me just say it is amazing what one bedroom closet can hold.With the furniture moved out, we may as well paint, and if we are going to paint, we may as well take up the carpet and put down a hard surface for the office chair.  The remodel of the room was the easy's the remains of the day that is the challenge.  Any of you that have redone a room or space know, it's the stuff that is the truly big job.I took some time from out from sorting to fuel my creative energies and recharged my creative batteries.Be sure to find what fires your spirit this fall and take some time to indulge and recharge. The reset feels amazing and I look forward to more time creating.

Happy Sewing! Joy


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November 16, 2021

Oh my goodness, you are such a bundle of energy! I guess I should have known that from your other posts and watching you with Marcia. I have five grown children and remember harvesting from our garden, dealing with homework & projects, sports practices and games, working and volunteering when they were young. The only sewing I got done in those days were clothes for my daughters. My husband & I did manage to build our house, doing all the work ourselves except pouring the cement and doing the brick front. I think back on those days, appreciating them more than I did when I was actually in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. I don’t have that energy now. I love reading about your busy life and seeing the pictures you share. I wish I lived closer to Rochester so I could visit your store and see you guys again. I’m so glad you do your weekly videos and I’m glad you have the online store also. I look forward to reading more from you. Enjoy your more relaxed sewing time as winter settles in.

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