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Oh my goodness, where did it go, just one week left...

Usually, January is a time when I would close the door on the previous year and begin to make plans, set goals and dream of what the fresh, clean blank canvas of what a new year might bring.  

Tunnel Light End - Free photo on Pixabay

This year is a bit different as those things from last year are way spilling over into this year!  As you all know (likely too well) that last spring was the time we were supposed to get into our new space.  Gosh, no one told us that would take almost another entire year!

Nonetheless, these past weeks have been super busy over at the new shop.  On Friday the first of the carpet tiles were laid in the classroom!  New cabinetry was delivered and there IS bright light at the end of this long tunnel.

So 2020 was a year we are all glad to see be over even though we had all wished for covid to leave with it, we do have a bit of light at the end of that tunnel as well as vaccines begin to roll out.

The excitement is beginning to build, all the gals at the shop and I went over to the new space after closing on Friday to take a look and discuss.  We are almost giddy at just about everything.

But...most of all...   we can hardly wait for YOU our dear PineCone Peeps to come and see YOUR new digs.

YOUR new place for inspiration, for respite from the outside noise, for color therapy in cloth and threads, for new dreams of new projects, for friendly folks to assist in the completion of an old project, for the friends you will re engage with and the new ones you will make once the huge new classroom can open up, for peace and calm as you touch fabric and peruse machines, for all the happiness it will bring. 

Because without YOU there is no US, and no PNQS.  This is all for you, to keep your creative juices flowing, to add joy to your life, to make you smile.

It is YOU dear Peeps that is the light at the end of the tunnel.



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Marcia k Nagel
Marcia k Nagel

February 02, 2021

It is just 2 doors down – we are still in the TJMAXX Plaza her in Rochester, we are in the old Party City Space :)

Gena Cahill
Gena Cahill

January 28, 2021

I have to say that over the last year PNQS has been the light in the tunnel of COVID-19 and the fear associated with it. PNQS has been one of the few places I have been to on a regular basis. Thank you for keeping your doors open and bring some sanity and joy into an otherwise dark and dreary year.

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