Day 8 JAM Tour, Friday, August 5

August 06, 2022 1 Comment

Day 8 JAM Tour, Friday, August 5

On the road again, we just can't wait to get on the road again......morning breakfast was livelier than the past weeks. The breakfast room had a mix of wedding travelers and families. I especially enjoyed watching a family with 3 young children. The baby was like me, swivel head in every direction and not wanting to miss a single thing.

I am a big fan of American Pickers and I feel we have traveled the back roads of America right here in Minnesota. We have enjoyed so many beautiful flower gardens along the way that brighten up the already beautiful fields we have passed by. The majestic purple phlox are blooming, along with flax, bee balm, bright marigolds and red geraniums and all the varieties of mini sunflowers. As we left Marshall, our local field adviser, Marge reported the soybean crops looked beautiful and it appears they have had adequate rain.

Our first destination this morning is Lamberton and as we approached the train was coming through. However, much to our delight and surprise our destination was right there on the right in a bright and cheery yellow house with a turret. Stitchin' It Up Quilt Shop has plenty of parking and is fully wheelchair or walker accessible.

The sun was shining through the leaded windows and everything inside looked like a gem that had to be had. I loved the combination pattern book and cookbook this section has put together and I had to have one.

Cabby's Corner Quilt & Fabric in Gibbon was our next stop.

This shop is right on the main street of town and the streets were quiet but the shop next door had lively country music playing so the entire town could here. It added a party vibe to our visit. We were wishing we were there a little closer to lunch time since it was Food Truck Friday and that looked like fun. This shop is in an older building and that alone adds a bit of character to your shopping experience. We enjoyed peeking in the antiques section of the shop as well. I came away with a little bit of local Alpaca yarn. The farm it is sourced from is in Hutchinson. Such squishy, cozy goodness.

New Ulm hosts three shops and since we are traveling the entire state we visited them all. The first two shops are supper close to each other. As we exited the car, we could hear accordion music and although we did not capture the moment to share, my mom danced her way into the first shop.

My parents attended community dances for years and my mom continues to go when she is home. The circle of dancers is a friendly community and is a terrific exercise and social time with a little luncheon that is rarely missed by it's regulars.

Between The Thimble Box and The Spinning Spools shop there was a unique tree that showcased local buildings and history on it's limbs. I did my best to capture the view but standing any more in the street probably was not a good idea.

The Spinning Spools had a pretty shaded garden walkway.

Sewing Seeds was our last New Ulm destination and it is full of wool work and littles as I would like to call them. Jo Morton and Kim Diehl both make little, itty bitty scrappy quilts and toppers and I love them.

(Quilt made by Sewing Seeds)

They were everywhere here and all the beautiful Buttermilk Basin designs and Primitive Gatherings were stitched up and surrounded us (me) with temptation. On our way out we met a mom and daughter combo from the twin cities and the daughter was happily hugging a JoMorton box kit that she had been eyeing for awhile. Her back to school shopping for the U of M was complete.

The German Garden was highly recommended by the Sewing Seeds staff for our lunch destination. They are putting the finishing touches on the garden and were putting up a shade shelter for the amphitheater. We found a picnic table in the shade that overlooked the stunning flower gardens and water fountain.

It was a little warm but just the sound of the fountain made it feel fresh. Our lunch menu included salami  or turkey sandwiches, cauliflower, grapes, an orange and chip crumbles.

Last stop for the day is Mankato and River City Quilts. Since the temperature has continued to rise we were thankful for a parking spot in the shade. Although our chocolate chip cookies are in a cooler that car can get warm while you shop.

It happened to be Fat Quarter Friday and there were so many pretty choices. We enjoyed a cold beverage and cookie before we left. Thanks for the nice hospitality River City Quilts.

Our hotel is up by the stadium and as we traveled up the hill it almost felt like we were back in Duluth. We arrived early enough for the afternoon rest time.

Shopping can wear a guy out and a nap is a welcome feature of an early arrival time. I forgot to take a picture of our dinner. It was delicious! Chili was on the menu with a side of cool ranch chips and chased by homemade cookies. Again, I am so thankful for my mom's planning and cooking so we could have such delicious meals on the road.

Finally, the laying out of the plan for secret projects.

Puzzle time

Yesterday we only traveled 147 miles. Today we have almost 300 miles but our own beds will welcome us and we will enjoy dinner with the menfolk at my house. Windom is our first stop this morning.

Be sure to stop into Pine Needles if you are out hopping and thank them for letting Alyssa and I take this epic road trip with my mom, Marge.

Happy Hopping! Joy



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Connie Lee
Connie Lee

August 06, 2022

I told Marcia that I was so enjoying your trip !!!!

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