Meet Cluckingham Palace

December 20, 2021 3 Comments

Meet Cluckingham Palace

Lookie here what arrived at Suzie's house!  It's a brand spankin' new chicken coop, which Marcia has named, "Cluckingham Palace."  

Reinforcements were immediately called for.  Only one brave soul answered the call, trusty ol' Tom.  The first step was to HERD the chickens from the barn into their new home.  Ever tried to herd chickens?  I will give you a moment to stop laughing.

Here is our sophisticated system.

Chickens CAN fly, and they did, but for the most part, we were successful.  A couple of hours of refugee hunting later, and we had done it.

Guess what?  They love, love, love their new home!

The blister showed up after all the work was done to check out the cluckers' new digs.

A very nice feature that needed a little modification is the nesting boxes that are accessible from outside the coop.  It didn't take the dogs long to figure out how to open it and steal the eggs.  Fear not, a little redneck engineering involving a bungee cord fixed that problem right up.

We are all adjusting to the transition and so thankful for the coop upgrade.  They stay warm and toasty when needed, can head outside as they wish, and the coop is on skids, so it can be toted around the yard to keep them in fresh "pasture."  The dogs keep a watchful (perhaps hungry) eye on them at all times.

Life just couldn't get and better, then flash forward to the storm of last week...beloved new coop was tossed into the power pole.  Fear not, everyone is fine, but they were a little shaken up emotionally and physically.  We are all thankful for just a small amount of damage to the roof.

Ready for the best part?  This is the view from my kitchen sink.  For me, that's a pretty important vista.

We got a new infusion of birds a few months ago, which means the wonder of tiny pullet eggs and new roosters finding their voices at 5:30 in the morning.  Oh, the joys of farm life.  ;)

Piece out, and Merry Christmas from the Funny Farm!


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Friend Jill
Friend Jill

January 03, 2022

Can feel the joy of the little egg counting and the contentment of those hens. Thanks for this precious snapshot inside the Nagel family heartbeat of caring for their animals and always bringing together their diligent ingenuity. Now, I need to go scope out the yard and see if we can bring some of that farm-home to our place. Nothing like a home-raised egg.

Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson

December 21, 2021

So glad the storm winds didn’t do massive destruction to your farm like it did to so many! The sunset is gorgeous! Pullet eggs brings back memories of my grandma and her eggs from long ago

Marj Martin
Marj Martin

December 20, 2021

Love seeing and hearing about your farm and farm life! Brings back many special memories!

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