Beginnings and New Possibilities

April 04, 2021 1 Comment

Beginnings and New Possibilities

Beginnings!  With each ending there is a new beginning and sometimes, beginning isn't always pretty or even easy. Beginning to clean the sewing studio isn't easy nor is it much fun.  It was a long and busy winter with the Moving Sale at Pine Needles, the actual Moving of the Shop and then the setting up of the Shop and opening the doors to all of you. Things came and went from the studio but not much tidying happened between the projects. I will admit to the stash and dash method of studio tidying but it is now time to tackle the pile.

There are many new beginnings in my home and with my family. Each spring we start some seeds ( and I mean start some seeds) and hope something grows. This year the focus was peppers and Zinnias, a few tomatoes, cabbage and basil. A weird mix of plants to be sure. The Zinnias are happy and nearly 300 were transplanted today and they will be beautiful this summer. The peppers, basil and cabbage will be at least another week before they get transplanted. 

The sewing studio has been mostly tidied and a new project has emerged. I fell in love with Minick and Simpson's Rosalyn line of fabric and I just could not wait to open the package and play with the fabric.  The best part about starting a new project is to page through the possible patterns and to decide on how to best feature your fabric. I chose the pattern called Monterrey Medallions by Atkinson Designs.  I have admired this pattern for quite awhile and it has been such a treat to delve in and to manipulate the fabric to fit the design.  There has been quite a bit of math and calculation for me to try to morph one large fat quarter pack into a queen size quilt. There is plenty of fabric for the smaller size but I really want to make a new quilt for my bed.  For me, this is the exciting part of quilting, the planning, the playing and the beginning.

Speaking of math and new beginnings. I live in a household of men whose catch phrase is "if you do the math."  I never really thought I would use math :)Beginnings! Featured here is the math building at University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus. My youngest is finishing his freshman year at Madison and yesterday was the first time he actually set foot on campus. He graduated high school last year and this milestone was marked in a very quiet way. He has been a virtual student all year and he is studying math and computer science. I loved the geometric (quilt design) on this building.  He took an abundance of AP classes in high school and will be starting well into his sophomore year when he moves to Madison in the fall. Beginnings!

My husband also transitioned to a new job and a new company. This meant a few more transitions in our home and resetting our space to best suit this new job and this new work environment. Personally, I think spring is the perfect time to shuffle the furniture, deep clean and maybe even paint. ( I haven't gotten that crazy yet).

Finally, new beginnings for me at Pine Needles Quilt & Sew.A new office and so close to the daily comings and goings of all of you and I love it. I love looking out at all the activity. I love being able to join in when necessary. I love the space to organize events and classes and retreats. I love being a part of Pine Needles Quilt & Sew. Beginnings!Beginnings! A new classroom and the possibilities are boundless. This spring we will continue with our virtual offerings but when the kids are back to school we will be back in the classroom and I am looking forward to beginning new things with you!  There will be mastery classes for Babylock and Bernina, Sergers and longarms along with National guest educators, Kimberbell embroidery club and AccuQuilt Club, beginning sewing classes, free motion quilting classes and sew much more. Beginnings!

In the meanwhile, be sure to tune each Wednesday to the Marcia and Joy show on Wednesdays at 1:00 for the happenings at the shop along with the best jokes ever and subscribe to our weekly email to have front row seats to the fun things to come!

Here is to new beginnings! Joy


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Ginny Street
Ginny Street

April 15, 2021

I live in Northfield and have been in the other shop on Shop Hops s few years ago. I now have a grandson and his wife that live and work in Rochester. In fact they live not far from the shop off of 16th St SW so I have another reason to come see your shop.
From all of the pictures, the shop looks beautiful.

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