You are not alone.

October 06, 2020

You are not alone.

If you look at all of these wonderful sewing friends and other Pine Cone Peeps and think, "Wow! Look at everything they're making right now! I have no idea how they find the energy!" You are not alone. 

I am so dang proud of all the beautiful quilts and clothes and curtains and bags and pillowcases (and I even have one friend who started reupholstering furniture!) that have come out of this strange and isolating time in our world.

I wish I had all that beautiful creative energy, but my energy has been kind of kaput. Like many others I know who have high risk folks in their immediate family (my 3-year-old has severe lung disease), we are good and hunkered down. It's the perfect time to rush to my lovely, faithful Bernina 880 plus and get going on all of these projects that languished during "regular times" when we were running here and there, always busy. 

Like most people, at the beginning I made masks. Lots of masks. My fabric stash and absurdly large collection of elastic and bias tape served me well as I outfitted anyone near me who needed one - including my FedEx guy husband.

After that flurry of activity - now that masks are everywhere and I don't feel quite so called upon in a victory gardens and keep the home fires burning kind of way - my sewing and quilting mojo has kind of petered out on me. I think to myself that it would be so comforting and fulfilling to get that log cabin started. I thought for a moment of making Halloween costumes but bought them instead. 

If you are like me and looking longingly at the makes coming across your social media or the PNQS blog, I want you to know you are not alone. If you haven't gotten all of your UFOs finished during lockdown, you are not alone. 

If you are ready to create again, you are not alone. 

Hold me to it. I'm going to have something to show you next time. I would love if you had something to show me, too. We are in this together, and we deserve the peace that comes from the hum of the machine, the snip of the threads, the warmth of a new quilt. Let's jump in and celebrate fall in this doozy of a year with something for us.

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