Shine On Sampler-Month 3

December 13, 2020

Shine On Sampler-Month 3

Bonnie and Camile Quilt Bee

Shine on Sampler-Month 3

Written by Brenda

Look at all of the fun sewing we get to do again!  I know I say it every month, but aren’t these simply adorable?

I did do my best to fussy cut the green and aqua squares so that the square flowers were centered in the blocks. 

Rainbows just make me so very happy!  The sewing of the first two blocks is really quite basic with only squares to piece, so let’s move on to the final block.

Looking at the block, it is quite obvious that it is a basic quilt block unit called a flying geese unit.  As you probably know by now, I will always cut on my Accuquilt cutter if it is possible, and this unit is a great one to demonstrate how to translate directions.  The next photo shows a chart with the Accuquilt Qubes and their components.  Since the block that we are working on finishes at 10” (or 10.5” with seam allowance), we know that we need to use the 10” Qube.  At the bottom of the chart, you can see many of the quilt building blocks and what dies to use to make them.  In the middle of that row is the flying geese unit which show that it is made of a die #4 and two cut from die #5 for every unit. Two flying geese units make up one quarter of a 10” finished square so you can see how it translates perfectly to the units that we need to make this week!

I used the Accuquilt cutter to make 4 quarter square triangles from each color, which it does in one pass through the machine.  Then I made the the corners for the units with die #5 and I needed 16 total, which is 8 for each unit.  The cutting went so quickly and so did the sewing!


Here the units are with one corner on  and ready for the next. 

It’s so fast and easy and requires NO TRIMMING like the other method.  I love using my Accuquilt cutter!

Enjoy your sewing time and happy stitching!

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