Did you know that I am an impatient person?

September 22, 2020

Did you know that I am an impatient person?

Yes indeed.  Patience is a virtue. I was not so blessed with the natural gift of patience.  It puzzled me for a bit as my mother was the epitome of patience.  But then, as I look backwards to my Dad, ah yes, the patience gene did not fall far from that tree...

I am very goal driven.  I have always been a visionary.  Hard work, persistence and drive seem to be built in to my DNA from both of my parents.  They also taught all of this by example year in and year out.  

I will say that I have worked on my patience over the years, with a bit of success.

In comes 2020.  THE year!

It was set up to be a cumulation of all the dreaming, planning and working towards our new quilt & sewing machine store.  We had our ducks neatly in a rows after a 3+ year planning process.

Springtime was on the way and we were going to go great guns to be open by late spring, early summer....ahh the plan was finally coming together.  And our PNQS team, Peeps, customers and myself were very excited!



Close the shop.  Everyone on lockdown.  Oh no!!


...and now we are where we are...

I can honesty tell you that this has certainly forced lessons in extreme patience to not just myself, but for everyone.

We have had to put the vision for the new store on hold and shift our focus to a whole different, not so clear, vision.  We began to spend more time in our web store with online sales and then technology to do our best to stay connected to all of our Peeps.

It was frightening, it was uncharted territory, this was not included in our plan.  

Will it work?  


Suzie, Joy, the entire PNQS team and I cannot express enough gratitude we feel for all of your support as you pivoted over to buying from the PNQS web store, curbside pickups, then again, after we opened doing your part with masks and hand sanitizers, limited number of shoppers in the store to keep everyone as safe as possible.  You truly are a blessing to all of us.  Thank you so very much.

So here is where we are as of today.  These are a few pics of the new shop I took this morning. gotta start someplace...  and IT IS a start!!

Here we go!

These plans were made long ago.

 A new beginning.  Remember that old saying "It always gets worse before it gets better"?  Need I say more?

I was presented with a timeline of the entire project a couple of weeks ago.  

Hold on to your hats!

The projected finish date is.............December 23!!

MORE lessons in patience for Marcia...


Here's to a wonderful 2021 in the brand new shop.

Stay tuned right here - I will try and give you photo updates along the way!

At least we are now on our way!

Thanks for your patience too, Peeps!




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