At Home challenge. Designing the quilt.

May 23, 2020

At Home challenge. Designing the quilt.

When I thought about what kind of quilt I wanted to make a row by row kept popping in my mind. I love how you can add a little of each thing you love and explore many different color combinations all in one quilt. I tried to think what I loved about my home and what I enjoyed while I spent ALOT of time here. Watching the grass turn green, the trees bloom, the birds return from a long winter away, and the flowers start to grow out my window brought me peace. So that's what I wanted in my quilt, oh and of course I spent ALOT of time sewing so that had to go in there as well. Happy designing!

Here is more infomation to get you started:

Deadline has been extended from July 1 to July 15

Here are links for coordinating fabrics:

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