Sew Sisters

In 2019, we’ll be working with the Sew Sisters Missions Project.


An issue no woman likes to think about is—let’s face it—our time of the month. Could you imagine being one of the thousands of women or young girls being held prisoner to something so basic? Not being able to attend school or work or even leave your cardboard box at your orphanage because you don't have the basic supplies you need to be able to function in society.


This is a major issue in 3rd world countries.  Disposable items aren't an option due to the lack of disposal services so there only option is something that is reusable. 


That's where we can help.

Click here to download the pattern PDF

Sewists can put together kits containing 2 holders, 8 pads, sacks, soap, and a sling bag to carry it all in to give these girls the
freedom to go to school, get an education, and not be used by their caretakers in trade for items they need. 


We have a Doctor who has requested 700 or more kits to be made so she and her team could personally take them to Guinea, Africa to teach and distribute them to the women and girls there. They will be taken over with mission trips every few months.


The Sewing Sisters at Autumn Ridge would love your help. Any questions please call Jena Giest at 272-7823 or email her at


Want to help but do not necessarily want to sew? Donations for the PUL, items for the care bags need to be purchased and are so appreciated. Please designate money to PNQS Helps Women and we will get these funds where they need to be used for this project.


If you’d like to sew, we have the PUL available at the shop.  Come and get some or ask for it to be mailed to you! We have 1/4 yard pieces available of this 55" wide specialty waterproof knit.


Bring finished items back to shop and we will get them ready to be shipped where they are so, so needed.


Click here to download the pattern PDF

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