The Cobbler’s Children have no Shoes!

June 28, 2017

“The Cobbler’s Children have no Shoes” may be a bit of an exaggeration.    Suzie does have a quilt on her bed, but it’s NOT a special one that she made start to finish FOR her bed!  She decided it’s high time she did so…here’s the process.

She began by scouring PNQS for her favorite colors (it happened to be blue that day!)  PNQS has oodles and oodles of coordinated fat quarter bundles already cut for you, so that will save you time and color matching anxiety, if you suffer from that like Suzie sometimes does.  

Next comes THE WORST PART…that dreaded C word – cutting.  But alas, Suzie has help in that department!  Meet her new favoritest and bestest friend in the whole wide world, the Accuquilt Go Big Cutter and her pal, die #55015!  She can crank them 3 1/2″ tumblers out 18 at a time, and Suzie didn’t even have to set down her coffee mug!  The only cutting that had to be done was the rough-cutting of the strips to lay on the die.   


Voila!  Just as easy as that, you have 18 pieces to sew!  Now that’s progress, I say!  

Now we head to the machine.  Notice that the dog ears are cut off for PERFECTISH (in Suzie’s case) 1/4″ seams!

Chain-piece these little buggers whilst you binge on your favorite television series or indulge in a e-book!

Sew 2 pieces together, then 4’s, and on and on until it’s big enough to cover your bed!  I wanted a lot of drape on the sides of my bed, so my rows ended up 43 units long!  I got a lot of Netflix in, as you can imagine.  


As I type this, I am quilting my creation on my BERNINA Q24 with Q-matic!  I really am – click below for proof!

When it came to the backing, I really had no choice – minkee all the way!  I love the way it looks quilted, and you just can’t beat the snuggle factor it provides!

Stay tuned for the finished product – I plan to use a bias binding and leave the sides jagged, so that may provide me with another experience to share with you and no doubt, lots of new gray hairs!  

Piece out,  Suzie

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