On Ringo Lake – Week 9 With Brenda and AccuQuilt!

January 25, 2018

On Ringo Lake – Week 9 With Brenda and AccuQuilt!

The block assembly went really fast and I found myself done in the middle of the week with time to work on some other projects. I even finished a dress on my Bernina 460 Overlocker that I wore to work on Thursday!  I’m glad I decided to give myself a week for each new clue. It leaves me looking forward to each step in the process and I really have enjoyed the process.  For the final reveal, the first step is to piece together the coral/cream lattice units first. They are so beautifully accurate that they make me smile!  Three cheers for Accuquilt!

Then I moved on to cutting the triangles and squares out of the brown fabric. I didn’t have a die for the triangles, but thankfully there weren’t very many of them so that step didn’t take too long.

I had plenty of aqua left to cut the larger squares required for the setting triangles. After piecing them together, I had my first opportunity to use the Simple Folded Triangle Ruler by Doug Leko. It worked really well to cut the top off of the triangle so that it was accurately cut for adding the pieced unit.

The next item on my agenda was grooming my poodle, Reggie.  Sunday was the first day I had when it was warm enough in the garage and I wasn’t working so we had some time together getting him to look a bit less like a shaggy lamb!

I was so excited to start laying out the quilt! My design wall isn’t nearly big enough so I had to lay it out on the floor. Pay VERY close attention to the lattice and try to develop some system for keeping them in the correct alignment. I realized as I was about halfway done laying out my blocks, that I was going at a bit of an angle which was making it more difficult to lay things out as I was going.

At that point, I decided to finish the diagonal rows that I had and start sewing rather than laying the entire quilt out. For me that was really the best choice. It took quite a bit of time to assemble the rows and leaving the entire project on the floor would be a disaster waiting to happen with two dogs running about. I followed Bonnie’s suggestion and pressed towards the lattice, but I decided to shorten my stitch length and press the long rows open to the best of my ability, a tricky thing with all of those bulky seams.

Barclay, my schnauzer and I are having a disagreement as to whether that is my spot or his! My next step will be to lay out the rest of the quilt and work to assemble the other half.  Then I will put the two halves together into my finished top! Please let me know if you would like to see me continuing to blog about my basting, quilting and binding project.  I’ll be happy to share.  Happy sewing!


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