On Ringo Lake – Week 8 With Brenda and AccuQuilt!

January 17, 2018

On Ringo Lake – Week 8 With Brenda and AccuQuilt!

It’s block assembly time! I was so excited to lay my units out to see what my blocks would look like, but I waited until Friday, my day for my next clue, before I started. For me, the expectation and waiting is half the fun! I wanted to share my process for block assembly this week. With nine units per block or a nine patch type of block, I begin by laying out two blocks side by side.

Then I work in vertical rows, taking all of the units in row 2 and place them on row 1 for both sets of blocks.  I will chain sew all 6 sets of units, 3 for each set of blocks.  Chain sewing is sewing without cutting your thread between the units.

After I’m done with all 6, I’ll cut the thread between the third and fourth units that I’ve sewn. This gives me the 3 units for one block that I can take to the ironing board and press. I DO NOT cut apart the individual units but leave all three for each block connected by the thread.

Then I lay the pieces from the third vertical row, one at a time, onto the pieced unit to form three rows, each with three units. When I start sewing, the block 2 units are still attached to my machine so I am connecting with that grouping through my chain piecing. I will sew the third piece to all three of my two piece units then cut thread between the two sets of blocks. press block 2 and then add the last unit to that block as well.  The next photo shows block 1 behind the machine with the third unit added and I am working block 2.

After the rows of block one are complete, I will cut thread between the rows so it is easier to press. Then I sew two rows together for block 1 then block 2 and add the third after pressing. After the last seam is done, I will either sew a seam for my leader and enter project or I will lay the next set of two blocks out and begin again so I never have to cut thread!


With the size of these units, I hold my seams in place as I sew them. If you feel the need to secure them further, I would recommend Wonder Clips as pinning could cause shifting.  Accurate cutting with my Accuquilt Go! and sewing with my Bernina 590 have lead given me beautiful points and I am quite happy with the results!

I took a moment to count and found that there are 49 pieces in each block!  That means that with 50 blocks there will be 2,450 pieces!  Then we have to add the pieced lattice and setting triangles. I’d better get back to my sewing machine. Happy sewing!


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