My Secret Garden - Block 6 with Brenda

April 05, 2019

My Secret Garden - Block 6 with Brenda

It’s time for our last block!  I cut this one out quickly with my Accuquilt cutter and the 6” Qube.  Many people think that with a 6” Qube, you are limited to 6” blocks, but I hope this quilt along has shown that there are many possibilities when you combine the shapes.  This 12” block has over 70 pieces!  The center section is a bit smaller than the other blocks so I did end up cutting the small triangles and rectangles with a ruler and rotary cutter.  Here is the block all cut and ready to be sewn.

I began by making the flying geese units.  Again, let me stress how much faster this is when you can cut your units with Accuquilt and you can avoid all of the extra trimming!  All of the triangles are cut to the precise size you need for the unit. 

Then I moved on to putting the triangles onto the white squares that are set on point.  Again, no trimming.  All pieces precisely cut.  I always put the opposite triangles on first. 

Then I put the other triangles on to the other sides.  I press all of the seam allowances towards the triangles. 

Next I pieced the green and pink four patches and the gray and white nine patches. 

And then I assembled the rows, pressing towards the white squares and rectangles and towards the pink and green four patches.  When I sewed the rows together, I pressed those seams open to reduce bulk.  I always reduce my stitch length when I am planning to press seams open.  Hope you have fun making another awesome block! 

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