Do what we can... lend a helping hand

March 28, 2022

Do what we can... lend a helping hand

Oh my goodness...  I am sure like most of you my heart is breaking for the people of Ukraine.  

Recently as I was searching for some new Easter-ish things I can across some patterns for stuffed carrots.  It was a bit of fate as I was looking them over I landed on a perfect pattern from a fellow crafter from the Ukraine.  Bingo that was for sure the one I would use and then send all of you to her Etsy site to buy the pattern.   We also decided at the shop to donate 100% of the dollars we collect from the kits to the Red Cross of Ukraine.

This is Tamera Gushko of Charmer Hand House of Dnipro, Ukraine.  

Her pattern is downloadable and is a great color tutorial several pages long.

We have made kits that will make at least a dozen of these little darlings (stuffing not included) as a further donation

A small thing, helping Tamera $1.50 at a time and the Red Cross of Ukraine $10 at a time.

I love this quote:

Doing the little things can make a big difference. Yogi Berra

Click here for links to pattern and kit

These little carrots on your table or as a gift to a friend are sure to warm your hearts over and over as well as some of the folks suffering in the Ukraine.



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