A Room with a View or the Place Where it All Happens

March 21, 2020

A Room with a View or the Place Where it All Happens

For those that know us our house home is a hopping place and furniture and space is moved and adjusted to fit the needs of our family.  This room is our “porch” and it has hosted theater cast parties of 50+, a small wedding reception, birthdays, holiday parties, sewing marathons and just plain quiet time.

When my husband transitioned from an office to working from home  a few years ago, my newly finished sewing studio was displaced. However, my studio got an upgrade to this beautiful space. Since I have just finished some large projects it is as tidy as it gets.

A new found cabinet has helped corral a few items from my studio and I have even left my daughter, Alyssa a little space in there for her things.

At times there are two active sewing machines, an embroidery machine and a long arm all going at the same time.  

There may be a project on the serger or a Sashiko machine as well. This is a creative space and quite often the music room. The acoustics in here are amazing.

Soon there will be 4 college students, 1 high school senior, a cat, my husband and myself all home at the same time.  There are 6 musicians in this mix and 2 of them are studying this as their life profession. The house will be full of music, creativity, laughter, online learners, laundry and dirty dishes.

This space will still be my creative space and my family will come and go and make music at will and I am looking forward to that. My daughter will set up shop in here and at times there is little space left for me. Alyssa cuts kits for our shop in this space as well.

Today, however, I have all the space to myself and I get to begin a new project.

Happy Sewing and Stay Connected,


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