Holiday Wishes

Milkhouse Monster

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    All the wonderful fragrances of the season could pop up in this Monster, from fresh evergreens, cinnamon, cranberry and spice, to red apple, clove, citrus and so much more This beautiful galvanized tin contains 9-pounds of soy wax and 7-wicks for a pure and fragrant burning experience you won't find anywhere else! Now complete with a branded wooden lid! Use it to keep the dust out and as an oversized candle coaster. This beauty is a MONSTER of a candle! This mammoth 9-pound candle is nothing but our pure, all natural soy and beeswax blend. It has seven cotton wicks that are sure to brighten your day and cut down on your lighting bill. This candle works great for indoors or outdoors (out of the wind), it's a great conversation-starter, and a centerpiece that will leave you wondering where it's been all your life Approx. burn time - 100+ hours Clean. Simple. Sustainable.