Fat Quarter Subscription Program 2019 - 12 Month

2019 is the YEAR OF THE FAT PACK!

We'll be enjoying a quilty 2019 with a specially curated fat quarter pack each month.

These will contain 12 FQ's tailored for each specific month/season and will be a combination you will only find at PNQS. We will select from throughout the shop picking and choosing just the right combination.

Because we always want YOU to have the latest and greatest - and we get BRAND NEW collections in every single month, these fat quarter packs will be a FUN SURPRISE! (If we could tell you the fabrics included NOW, you wouldn't get any of our lovely NEW collections as they come - and we couldn't have that!)

All will be shipped MONTHLY by mid-month.

All subscriptions will include FREE SHIPPING (whoa!) AND a special pattern from Moda, different each month, that you can use with any of the fat packs. Some patterns will be made with just the fat pack (like January's!), and others will need background fabric. You can use your stash OR for any month that the included pattern needs a background or extras, we'll also include a special coupon in your box!

(And we know we have some Pine Cones who want to go their own way, so feel free to NOT make the included pattern and use the coupon on any old little treat for yourself!)


Why, we're so glad you asked!

A limited quantity MAY be available in the shop from month to month, but for the best deal and a GUARANTEE that you will receive a box, sign up!

Your monthly subscription can be for the whole year, 6 months, or 3 months. When you sign up, your card will be automatically charged each month on the day you register and your box shipped mid-month - easy peasy!

Now, we are happy to offer these discounts and payments monthly, but once you sign up for your chosen subscription, we do not allow any cancellations (we're ordering fabric based on how many are signed up!). We know you can't imagine anyone NOT wanting a fat quarter pack and designer pattern in the mail every month, but if you're unsure at all, try it for 3 months first!

$48 for single boxes
Subscribe for 3 months at just $44 per month!
Subscribe for 6 months at just $41 per month!
Get all 12 months at just $37 per month!


Monthly Themes for 2019 Boxes:


Jack Frost



Ruby Reds



Spring Breeze



Easter Parade



Floral Galore



Patriotic Panache



Summer Solstice



Lakeside Dreams



Fall Fantasy



Pumpkin & Vine



Cranberry & Indigo



Festive Shine

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