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Bernina V8 Software Class, Session 4 Monday, Sept. 9th 10am - 12pm

Lesson 4  Application Programs



In the Quilter program, you can design your own quilts, selecting among many types of quilt blocks built into the software.

You can change the type of quilt layout, selecting the size of the blocks, sashing types and sizes, and type and sizes of borders.

You can preview built-in fabrics and colors, or you can scan your own fabrics and save them in the Quilter program.

Add embroidery to the blocks if you wish – to give you a preview of how the embroidery will look on your quilt.

You may print blocks, appliqué patterns, yardage, and rotary cutting instructions from the Quilter program.

You can also design your own quilt blocks to use in the software.


Cross Stitch:

In the Cross Stitch program, you can design and create your own cross stitch designs.

Included in the software are ten different types of cross stitches.

You can automatically convert pictures to cross stitches, you can fill areas with cross stitches, or you can add stitches one by one.

It is easy to change colors and types of stitches in a design with the Magic Wand tool.

You can create a design and then create a stamp from that design.

You can also add cross stitch lettering in the Cross Stitch program.


Embroidery Library:

Embroidery Library is a design management system in Software 8.

You can view the designs that are built into the software, that you have created within the software, or those that you have downloaded and saved on your computer.

You can view designs that are on a USB stick, on a CD/DVD, or on an external hard drive.

You can quickly organize, rename, sort, delete, zip designs, or convert designs to a different format.

You can also send designs to the machine for stitching from the Embroidery Library.

In addition, you can search for designs with multiple search options; such as design name, category, number of stitches, or number of colors.


Download your copy of V8.1 Software, Lesson 4 Workbook here.

Students should bring their laptop with version 8.1 loaded and working to class.

An external mouse is a must.  The track pad is too slow and not accurate enough for digitizing.

The class is FREE but you MUST register to attend!

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